Friday, August 01, 2003

Newspaper Article: http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~vaux/boston.htm
"It's still a mahk of dinstinction: The accent sets Bostonians apart" by Marcella Bombardieri, Globe Correspondent. This article speaks of the concerns many people have toward the Boston dialect that it is perhaps fading. It gives brief life-descriptions of people who are native to Boston, providing evidence that it is in fact still thriving. This article tells us of different dialects within the city as well as some historical facts.

http://www.boston-online.com/glossary.html This is a site providing details of the Boston dialect. There is a link discussing pronunciation. It describes the sounds Bostonians make, such as the dropping of R's and A's in words. Another link provides information on the grammatical construction of sentences. It provides examples of the syntax of the dialect. What I found most interesting was a complete list of vocabulary words often spoken in the Boston dialect. There is a list from A-Z with meanings of the words. Along with this is a list of place names, a distinct name given to a place by the Bostonians. I like this site the most because it provides the most details of the Boston dialect as far as the way it is spoken. It goes in-depth and is easy to follow.

http:www.ic.arizona.edu/~Isp/Northeast/BostonEnglish/BostonEnglish.html This site is a little less in-depth, but provides much of the same information as the first one. It gives a brief history of the dialect. Then, it gets into the sounds and pronunciation, giving examples of the vowel sounds, the way in which the R is used, and different sounds of certain words. I thought some of the charts used were a little confusing. This site also gives some vocabulary used and the lexicon. What I liked about this site was the information it gave about the variation of the dialect throughout the city of Boston. This site has great information and I would use it as my second choice.

http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/1906/dialects.html This site provides a great map of the United States for different dialects. It gives information about dialects and gives us a broad understanding of how each of us speaks in the first few paragraphs of the site. It includes vocabulary that is necessary for the basic understanding of the study of dialects. At the top of the site, there is a map of the United States broken into regions. There are bold headings for each region and a description of the dialect for that certain region. It is a great site to show the different variations of dialects across the United States, but it only provides a small section for the Boston dialect.

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